As an experienced fashion photographer in London, I’ve been having lots of detailed conversations with clients since lockdown began in March about the impact of Covid-19, and how it has affected the industry. So I thought I’d review the main changes to date, as well as outlining some interesting and exciting changes I’ll be introducing for clients to keep inspiring fashion creatives.

These past two months have been, without question, the most interesting and uncertain. 

For many working in the fashion industry income has been hit hard, and fashion creatives, whether designers, stylists, photographers or brands, now face an uncertain future. 

Many individuals and solopreneurs are using the time to rethink their routines and how they work, using this global industry pause to plan projects and build up their personal brands. Most of us are, of course, ready to launch when we get the government green light. 

Photographers and brands alike are exploring the potential of still-life shoots at home, with hopes of a revival in business and uplift in sales later this year. 

Many brands have been repurposing existing imagery and content to extend the life of current collections while innovating and shooting social media content themselves. 

These ideas to pivot while we are treading water is a much-needed temporary solution with the long term goal to be returning to studio shoots, working with models and a creative crew on set. 

It has become clear that we are all craving some kind of normality, working amongst other people, but this has to be a new normal. 

It’s been reassuring to hear from rental studios who are gearing up for a return to work with guidelines on social distancing, one-ways systems through the building, along with sanitising stations. I guess this will be a part of the new normal for fashion photographers in London in 2020 and beyond.

In the meantime, I’ve been using my time wisely planning – such as online photography classes and lighting tutorials via Zoom. More to come on these new client services in future blog posts.

I’m also a brand collaborator for the global lighting brand Profoto, with several talks and workshops in the diary, so taking it online is the obvious next step. I’ll keep you all informed well in advance.

So with brands, labels, and fashion solopreneurs making a move to take bricks and mortar sales to online e-commerce and developing their online presence, these changes are well underway already. 

I’ve had several video calls with clients discussing the next steps and talking through concepts for photoshoots, which is something I’m looking forward to. Fashion is one of the most creative industries, and I believe it will bounce back for a more sustainable future.

If you’re starting to make plans for the future and you’re looking for a collaborative, creative and COVID-proof shoot get in touch, I’d be delighted to help.

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