How do I book a Bristol-based photographer is a great question to ask, particularly if it’s your first time, working with a professional photographer in Bristol, or if you have just launched your business or a new product range. 

But where do you start and what do you need to know? Read on to find out more, and how you can ensure that you work with an experienced, professional and qualified fashion, portrait and beauty photographer.

Planning a photoshoot can be a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t need to be. 

With the right Bristol photographer, they can steer and guide you through the steps and what is right for you. Every shoot will be different, as your requirements will vary and change as your business grows over time.

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By the time you come to booking a photographer in Bristol, you have probably gone through many steps already discussing ideas, researching themes, and finalising styles. You have thought about where to shoot whether in a studio, a set, or on location. 

With this in mind, you need a photographer who’s portfolio and style is a good fit for your specific brand. 

Finding the right photographer requires a bit of searching, whether through Google or the right hashtags on Instagram for your industry. If you’re a fashion designer specialising in handbags in Bristol or the wider South-West region, then, #fashionphotographerbristol would be an excellent phrase to begin your online search. 

Once you have found a photographer, ask yourself, do you love their work, and does their style speak to you and your ideal customer? Checking out their website and social media channels will help cover this, along with reading their client testimonials. Who have they worked with, and what did they say? About their work 

What do you need to know? Think about the criteria you need. Questions to consider asking a Bristol photographer are: Can they shoot in a studio and on location? What is the turnaround time on the delivery of final images? Can they do retouching? Can they help with planning the visuals for the shoot?

Does the website answer these questions, and are you inspired by the quality of their work highlighted? 

We all know that a happy customer or client comes back and also tells their friends. So it’s important to answer as many questions as possible because the shoot will help elevate your brand and increase profile and awareness.

Final thoughts

I believe a good photographer should make the shooting process clear, useful and enjoyable. I prefer to work closely with my clients and share my expertise openly, and to challenge a Brief if necessary, then discuss and make adjustments that will create the very best images. 

A photographer, along with the rest of the creative team, are there to build your brand and generate more sales.

Don’t forget this is a just a general guide — every job and photoshoot is deferent so that the process may vary.

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