Even in this pandemic you can still find a Covid-safe photographer in Bristol and shoot great work.

The ongoing outbreak and lockdown shouldn’t get in the way of showcasing your business and everything you have to offer. A little shake-up and refresh of new images can do wonders to reap and improve your visual content for social media and your website.

The wheels of industry still need to turn, so if you are feeling a little stuck and not sure how to move forward, read on to help unclutter the noise and find out what you can do.

The first place to start is with a video consultation, particularly if you have not worked with the photographer in Bristol before, a virtual face-to-face meeting can cover lots of ground faster than a phone call.


Photo studio with pink background

Think about mood boards and screen sharing; you can cover all of this in this first meeting.

The essential factor in life right now is social distancing. One thing to ask yourself is there the capacity to do social distancing? You need space to shoot (even out of a pandemic), and space to distance, the photographer and the team will adhere to the guidelines so consider speaking with your photographer to find out the best possible location you can shoot in.

The government has permitted photographers, filmmakers and hire studios (amongst many others) to allow us to continue to work, so this is excellent news.

Not every shoot needs to be indoors or in a studio. There are plenty of outdoor spaces, gorgeous locations, and suitable venues that can work well, so consider if this will work for your brand.

All that being said, It should go without saying that people should, of course, continue to adhere to safety protocols and not act in a way that might compromise anyone’s safety. That is paramount. The obvious essentials like hand sanitizer will be on hand (pardon the pun) and face masks will need to be worn.

There is always the option of having your products shot remotely. This is an excellent option if you are unable to attend in person. The whole shoot can be done over a Zoom call, with regular check-ins and screen-grabs emailed to you so that you can feel involved and part of the process.

To find out more about how to work with a Covid-safe photographer in Bristol, drop me a line and let’s discuss how we can get your brand online and more visible during the current pandemic.

About the Author
Amanda Thomas is a fashion, beauty and portrait photographer and has been working for over 20 years. She started life shooting rockstars and actors for magazines, and the approach was always to make them dynamic and approachable. This idea still applies today, and she has an editorial style, fashion-led approach to her work.

Amanda is a brand collaborator for Profoto the global lighting company. In 2019 they invited her to be part of their associate programme, which involves giving talks on lighting at events including The Photography Show. Amanda has written several articles on light for Photo Plus and Amateur Photographer magazines.

To find out more about her work and read other articles, follow her on Instagram for a peek behind-the-scenes at her shoots, and visit her website to find out more about her work.