Did you know that having the right person represent your brand can improve your visibility and ultimately boost sales? A subtle approach to this also applies to the models or ambassadors used in your campaigns.

So to help you make your life easier, we can offer an online-based model casting service.

As we navigate another lockdown and the new rules of working, many in-person appointments and events are now online. We are all familiar with zoom and being virtual in so many areas of running a business. 

Getting the right person to champion your brand can be a massive boost to your business, and this doesn’t have to be an all-star-signing–and–dancing celebrity either! If you are planning a photoshoot, an essential part will be who do you photograph and why.


woman in swimsuit in a pool

How people perceive your brand is THE most important thing, which is why you have to get the messaging right, and this includes the visuals too.

The right kind of person is one who is on board with your brand guidelines and aligns with your mission statement. They have to be a good fit. Let me explain in more detail: if you are a vegan leather handbag designer, and your brand is about ethical sourcing and humanitarian trading, you would look to source an ambassador with those traits, interests and passions.


Even with a lookbook shoot to showcase your new collection or to highlight a key product launch, the models you use will have a visual impact on your brand.

So how do we do this? I hear you ask.

Photographers can be resourceful people, and they have a talent for building relationships with stylists, make-up artists, along with other key crew members. Photographers have good relationships with model agencies and can work with them to pull together a package of models for shortlisting and approval. 

Casting is a straight forward process once you have a brief detailing everything you need. The majority of models have a varied portfolio of photographs on their profile, and the larger agencies include short video clips of them walking, which is useful when you need to see how they move. Working closely with the agency, the photographer will make and edit of suitable people, who fit the bill.

Where possible my preferred way to do a final casting is over a video call with each model. Everyone is working from home, and this is an effective way to work closely with the client, model agency and creative team to get everyone on board. 

Studios are open for business and working with a photographer in real life, is still possible. Now is a great time to plan your next shoot and book in while there is availability.

I believe a good photographer should make the shooting process clear, useful and enjoyable. I prefer to work closely with my clients and share my expertise openly, and to challenge a brief if necessary, then discuss and make adjustments that will create the very best images, including the right models. A photographer, along with the rest of the creative team, are there to build your brand. 

Don’t forget this is a just a general guide — every job and photoshoot is different so that the process may vary.

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