You may ask ‘what does shooting a rock star have to do with me, my business or shooting fashion?’ 

As a Brighton based photographer, I’ve been fortunate in the past to work with globally-recognised rock stars including U2 and Slash from Guns N Roses. 

My last music commission was to do a shoot with blues guitar legend Joe Bonamassa, so I thought it would make an interesting blog post to review the process of getting the best photoshoots from big celebrities.

You may ask ‘what does shooting a rock star have to do with me, my business or shooting fashion?’ 

Quite a lot, because in high tension situations where time is tight, and emotions are running high, you’ve got to come out with the shot, and with no exceptions! 

The more famous a person, generally, the bigger the teams accompanying them, and the more gate-keepers there are to negotiate. Which means there can be a lot of people involved, and this may have an impact on how the shoot runs.

Guitarist Joe Bonamssa portrait with is guitar.

I shoot fashion, beauty and portraits, and each genre has its specialisms but also requires similar skills. 

Shooting musicians and celebrities is excellent training and a sharp learning curve for getting the shot in a short timeframe. 

To elicit the best outcome, the photographer needs to be professional, punctual and polite, a good negotiator because relationships are vital in all forms of business (and life)! 

And you may have to work with someone who is jet-lagged, tired, over-worked, and sometimes unreasonable. Although thankfully, this is rare!

The way I work is by developing an idea that will complement the subject. A belief that no matter whom I photograph, they will always have something to bring to the party. 

I have been working for over 20 years, and I started life shooting rock stars for magazines, and the approach was always to make them dynamic and approachable. This idea still applies today, and I have an editorial style, and fashion-led approach to my work. 

So have you ever considered working with an influencer or celebrity? It can be easier than you think and beneficial for your business. With the right person on board, as an ambassador for your brand, shooting a campaign or lookbook with them can help elevate your business. 

So if you are considering working with an influencer or celebrity, consider working with a photographer with experience of working with high profile clients and their gatekeepers.

If you already have some high-profile clients and are creating compelling visual content with them, you know how powerful the right images can be, and every opportunity they never leave empty-handed. 

I believe a good photographer should make the shooting process clear, useful and enjoyable. 

I prefer to work closely with my clients and share my expertise openly, and to challenge a brief if necessary, then discuss and make adjustments that will create the very best images. A photographer, along with the rest of the creative team, are there to build your brand. 

Don’t forget this is a just a general guide — every job and photoshoot is different so that the process may vary.

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