The subject of using light to promote your business is not something that many people discuss. 

Lighting, however, is such an essential aspect of your visual content and your business. It can be easily overlooked. It can have a dramatic effect on how your clients and audience perceive you. 

And can ultimately affect your sales and bottom line. 

As an experienced fashion and beauty photographer in London and Bristol, I was asked recently to present a webinar on using light to promote your business.

Over 150 people attended with lots of questions on improving their business offering with lighting to sell products and services to existing and new customers.

It showed that there is, in fact, a real need and growing desire to transform this area right now.  

Think about two photographs of the same subject. If one is really dark or poorly lit, you’re not going to look at it positively, and it’s not necessarily going to capture your interest. 


dramatic window light by Amanda Thomas photographer

However, the other image is well lit; it will speak to you, grab your interest, and you’ll prefer it over the other one. So it’s crucial to make sure that you get the lighting right to present yourself visually to your audience in the right way. 

Because we are all working remotely in lockdown, this session will help you light it yourself until you can branch out and bring in a photographer or team to do it for you. 

There are four key areas where you can apply lighting:

      1. How to position your desk and arrange your lights for the best position to be centre stage.
      2. Getting the right kind of light to enhance your features and show you in the best light.
      3. Simple lighting techniques to shoot products for social media. 
      4. Lighting for talking to the camera, shooting behind-the-scenes, how-tos and demos.

Think about what type of light you want when planning your shots, which is quite an important consideration. 

Take a walk around your home, office or wherever you’re planning to shoot, noting the light on sunny and overcast days. And the time of day because this will be crucial in your preparation. 

It’s essential to keep an eye on the weather forecast, too, as it can change unexpectedly!

For further advice and help, I’m always available to discuss what you need. Lighting is my specialism, and good lighting improves your offering and sets you centre-stage.

Studios are open for business, and working with a photographer in real life is still possible. Now is a great time to plan your next shoot and book in as availability opens up.

I believe a good photographer should make the shooting process clear, useful and enjoyable. I prefer to work closely with my clients, share my expertise openly, challenge a brief if necessary, and then discuss and make adjustments to create the very best images, including the right models. 

A photographer, along with the rest of the creative team, are there to build your brand. 

To find out more about my work, read my other articles, follow me on Instagram for a peek behind-the-scenes at my shoots, and view my portfolio to find out more about my work.